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    Tesla Cybertruck will have Elon Musk’s boring flamethrower as an option

    Elon Musk has indicated on Twitter that the notorious Boring Company “Not-a-Flamethrower” might be incorporated as a possibility for the recently discharged Tesla Cybertruck.

    The famous dystopian subject TV program The Walking Dead posted a tweet distinguishing the Cybertruck as a prime possibility for the ideal vehicle to use in case of a zombie end of the world. What’s more, who could contend? The truck would not mark or break in case of a zombie takeover. The truck’s strength was shown during its divulging occasion on November 21, where Tesla fashioner Franz von Holzhausen pummeled into the driver’s side entryway with a heavy hammer. The truck would more than likely get the driver and its 5 different travelers a few hundred miles away, particularly if the Tri-Motor variation with a 0-60 MPH time of 2.9 seconds and 500+ miles of range is being utilized.

    Musk engaged the possibility of the truck being helpful for dodging catch from the rising dead and offered an additional piece of help from his past Boring Co. venture, the “Not-a-Flamethrower.”

    Musk said on a scene of the Joe Rogan Experience that his Boring Company made the 20,000 Flamethrowers (that sold out in four days) as a “spur of the moment thought” propelled by the film Spaceballs. The 1987 film that has been a driving variable behind a portion of Musk’s superior powertrains like Ludicrous Mode and the yet-to-be-discharged Plaid Mode, was likewise behind the (Not-a-)Flamethrower. “Yogurt (a character in Spaceballs) experiences the marketing area, and there’s a Flamethrower… and we said ‘we ought to do a flamethrower,” Musk said during his meeting with Joe Rogan.

    While the Not-a-Flamethrower sold out very rapidly, the name was given to it so universal traditions offices couldn’t preclude conveyance from securing the adjusted material light to purchasers situated outside of the United States. While the Boring Company doesn’t have Flamethrowers accessible for buy through its site, it very well may be found on eBay and they change in cost. We know there is despite everything enthusiasm for the Flamethrower, particularly from UFC Star Conor McGregor, who as of late mentioned two of them with his Cybertruck pre-request.

    While we don’t have the foggiest idea whether Musk is not kidding about adding this element to the Cybertruck, we have learned in the past to never forget about his thoughts, regardless of whether they may appear to be unrealistic and to some degree extraordinary. He’s additional some amazingly interesting highlights for Tesla vehicles, similar to his humorous references to “Can Humor,” which in the end brought about the Emissions Testing Mode Easter Egg. All things considered, the man invented a Flamethrower in the first place, so who is to state he won’t include it as a discretionary component with the all-new Cybertruck.

    You can watch Elon Musk talk about his “Not-a-Flamethrower” on the Joe Rogan Experience underneath.

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    Elon Musk Boring Company Flamethrower Strategy That Won Customers

    Elon Musk, the very rich business person and innovator, is known for a many number of things: his endeavors to reform space travel with SpaceX; his noteworthy electric vehicle organization Tesla; his invasion into sun oriented board expansion by means of his procurement of SolarCity. Be that as it may, one thing you presumably don’t connect with Musk? Zombies. Or then again, more explicitly, how you’d make due in case of a zombie end of the world. Which is the thing that makes the way that he’s selling a huge number of dollars worth of flamethrowers so apparently strange. How does this fit in with his greater strategies? 

    To comprehend Musk’s speculation here, we need to do a bit of backtracking. Musk established something many refer to as The Boring Company in 2016. Its center, he stated, would be on burrowing underground passages (get it? “boring”?). The thought was to interface urban areas, stop traffic blockage, and help fatigued drivers keep away from street rage. Absolutely, flamethrowers weren’t a piece of the marketable strategy. But, we learned a week ago that The Boring Company was selling 20,000 flamethrowers for $500 a piece. What’s more, deals have been blasting. By Tuesday, he’d sold 17,500 units. By Thursday, he’d sold out altogether, rounding up $10 million all the while. Who knew there was a market hungry for flamethrowers? 

    Musk knew. Or if nothing else he realized that by presenting a crazy off-brand item and advertising it toward a crackpot specialty showcase — end of the world fans — he could create buzz for his youngster organization, and lay the preparation for some a lot loftier objectives. 

    Musk began dropping indications about the flamethrower last December. When the pre-request page went live, he tweeted about the advantages of having one available to you during a zombie end of the world. “Neutralizes crowds of the undead or your cash back!” he said. You must hand it to the person — Musk knows a worthwhile market when he sees one. Americans are fixated on zombies; the class makes a huge amount of cash. One report from 2011 put the zombie economy’s worth at more than $5 billion — and even said that was most likely a low-ball gauge. 

    Musk guaranteed the flamethrowers would “liven up any gathering.” He even utilized some opposite brain science in an Instagram video to dishearten individuals from purchasing the flamethrower while unmistakably having a ton of fun playing with one himself. Musk is likewise selling a going with fire quencher for $30. The organization lets it out’s overrated, however hello, it comes with a cool sticker! It appears the relaxed, whimsical promoting endeavors worked. Requests began coming in. 

    Back to our unique inquiry: Why is Musk selling flamethrowers? Beside the conspicuous answers (since he can; on the grounds that lighting stuff ablaze is fun), the first and most evident explanation is cash. Making a cool $10 million every couple of days is an incredible method to produce income for The Boring Company, which is secretly subsidized. Doubtlessly it doesn’t cost $500 to make a flamethrower (The Verge suitably portrays them as “rooftop lights tied to Airsoft rifles”), so the net revenue on these children ought to be quite high. Furthermore, by constraining the pool of accessible units, Musk is likewise compelling individuals to settle on a quick shopping choice with a typical shortage strategy: If you don’t get one now, you won’t have the option to get one later. Savvy. 

    Another explanation might be verification of ideas. On the off chance that Musk can show that his organization can raise capital with senseless items, at that point without a doubt he’ll have the option to back underground passages when it’s a great opportunity to assemble them. This is critical. At the present time, The Boring Company is caught up with attempting to get endorsement for a passage in Los Angeles. The objective is to manufacture a 6.5-mile burrow from Hawthorne to L.A., yet the Culver City board needs to approve it first. Getting this endorsement might be more diligently than persuading web based life fans to purchase an overrated toy. The committee has raised worries about an exclusive organization controlling transportation. By the by, The Boring Company made a solid introduction and demanded its capacity to assemble the passages without open subsidizing, and has just begun to chip away at the passage underneath Hawthorne. 

    And afterward there’s the buzz created by such an off-brand item. Passages aren’t energizing all alone, and Musk isn’t the one in particular who needs to manufacture them. So media and open enthusiasm for The Boring Company can just assist his case. Bravo, Musk.

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    Got the Boring Company Flamethrower? Put it to work with these five (not a ) practical uses.

    Let ’s start with the obvious : Elon Musk is an interesting man. He wants to alleviate Los Angeles’ traffic congestion by building tunnel networks below the city and using them to transport cars on high-speed electric sleds. He sent one of his own $100,000 cars into space, presumably for the same reason that you used to melt G.I. Joes as a kid — because he could. (We’re not buying the whole “experimental payload” line. Please. You wanted to shoot a car into space, and it’s fine. It’s your rocket.) In a way, Elon Musk is the tech equivalent of the previous century’s big-game hunters. He’s always on the hunt for the next big trophy, the one that stops people in their tracks, the one people say he ’s crazy to even attempt.

    Some of his “exploits ” have no perceived value to anyone, but they make the rest of us want to get out there and do something equally daring. Or maybe fifty percent as daring. Because we don’t have anything like his bail money . On Saturday, January 27, 2018, Musk opened a pre-sale for what must surely have been an idea scribbled on a bar napkin: flamethrowers. And all the brosephs rejoiced. The flamethrower is being marketed by Musk ’s new side hustle, an outfit called The Boring Company. Despite being priced at $500 (or maybe because of it), it only took five days for the first run of flamethrowers to be claimed by mayhem-makers around the globe. These would-be Rambos may have to wait a while to get their new toys, however. Certain countries customs agencies have stated their objections to shipping anything labeled “ flamethrower . ” Apparently, some customs agencies are saying they won ’t allow shipment of anything called a “ Flamethrower”. To solve this, Musk rebranded it “ Not a Flamethrower” . So Musk floated a few name changes out on his Twitter, like “ Not a Flamethrower” and “ Temperature Enhancement Device. ” And all the brosephs retweeted . California Assembly man Miguel Santiago intervened on this bro-fest in classic vice principal fashion, announcing his intention to introduce legislation to ban sales of the flamethrower in the state of California. In response, Musk posted a faux-PSA on Instagram, showing himself running while lighting the flamethrower. The caption reads: “Don’t do this. Also, I want to be clear that a flamethrower is a super terrible idea. Definitely don ’t buy one . Unless you like fun. ”

    Elon Musk Releases ‘Not-a-FlameThrower’

    It’s a handheld gun that shoots fire. So maybe it ’s not a real flamethrower by the strictest definition. So maybe it doesn’t shoot as far as other ones. There are still lots of ways to put the Boring Company’s flamethrower to good, even practical use. And we’ve highlighted our top five. (And no, we don’t mean roasting nuts. That was a dumb joke, Elon. Stick to your strengths.)

    1. Home Security : Picture a burglar breaking into your house. Now picture yourself coming at that burglar from the top of the stairs, swinging a flaming rifle. It’s enough to scare any criminal straight. Even if you should hurt yourself in the effort (as is entirely likely with such reckless use of the flamethrower), no intruder wants to f * * * with the guy writhing on the floor wrapped in flames. Not unless he’s as crazy as you are.

    2. De-icing a Driveway : Salt ruins your wheel wells. Sand is a pain to clean up. Wouldn ’t it be ideal if your driveway was just dry? Pop in your earbuds, put on some death metal, and go to town on that slab of concrete. That new “ dad/husband/brother of the year” coffee mug is practically yours.

    3. In the Kitchen : Whether you’re finishing off a vat of creme brûlée or adding some nice singe marks to an entire roasted pig, the flamethrower will give you Costco-level value for your time and effort. Love that smoked flavor effect in your cocktail? Treat the entire neighborhood by felling a tree, surrounding it with highball glasses filled with whiskey, then unleashing the flame and quickly tenting it with a heavy-duty tarp. Give it about sixty seconds for the flavor to infuse, then finish with bitters and a twist. Be sure to save a couple for the firefighters when they show up. Or you could just go on a flamethrower diet – only eat food cooked on the fire of the flamethrower.

    4. Clearing Unwanted Foliage : Honestly, this is probably why Assemblyman Santiago took such issue with the Boring Company’s flamethrower promotion. In the wake of the gnarliest wildfire season ever, a 6-foot jet of flame is the last thing a California homeowner needs for lawn care. But for those in more wet climates, the flamethrower can make quick work out of Bermuda grass, kudzu vine, and that backyard vegetable garden that you sort of forgot about. Plus, it ’s a well-known fact that soil pH, carbon, and nutrient levels increase after burning. So you’re not just saving time, you’re actually improving your yard. (Memorize that for when the homeowner’s association guy comes by.)

    5. Getting Attention : This may well have been the inspiration for the flamethrower sale in the first place. The Boring Company’s first venture was selling ball caps. Some speculate the flamethrower thing is just a way flashier ball cap, i.e., a stunt designed to raise visibility around Musk’s dim Company. Because, you know, even Elon Musk is afraid of being forgotten about. Point is, the whole point of a domestic flamethrower is to draw attention. We suggest undertaking any (or all) of the previous four uses on behalf of someone you ’ve been working up the courage to talk to. De-ice their driveway . Clear their front garden out for spring planting. Think of it as a John Cusack holding the boombox over his head type of move, but way more practical. If they don’t appreciate it, they don’t deserve you.

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    A Boring Company Flamethrower review: “Burn them All” for Spring cleaning 2020.

    Come Spring, usually my Instagram feed looks like a florist or boutique shop’s catalog with infinite photos of blooming flowers, new green leaves, flowery dresses, beautiful nature spots and smiling faces soaking up the sun. But Spring 2020 is anything but usual. 

    People all around the world are under shelter-at-home orders and are socially distancing to protect themselves and others from an invisible enemy – the COVID’19.  Yes the flowers are still blooming, the birds are still chirping and the sun is shining bright with each passing day. But with no way to step outside to capture these moments and increased time spent at home, people’s Spring updates have found a new muse – “The Spring Cleaning”. Going viral on social media for doing boring activities like cleaning needs one to think out of the box. Some influencers adopted Mary Kondo’s zen style of tidying up while others attracted viewers with photos of their babies wiping the floors, dogs holding dust pans or cats taking a nap on the iRobots.

    What is with cats and the Roomba?

    I stepped up my “Game of Cleaning” in a true Mad King style of “Burn them All”. Armed with my recent acquisition, the Boring Company Flamethrower (branded as Not-A-Flamethrower), I torched all of the useless paraphernalia that I hoarded over the years.

    The founder of companies like SpaceX and Tesla, Elon Musk added The Boring Company a tunnel drilling venture, to his entrepreneurial portfolio in December 2016. The company’s aim is to provide cost effective and resistant tunnels to facilitate high speed underground transit and forms the basis for big projects like Hyperloop. Musk raised awareness and $10 million worth of funds for his firm through a wacky marketing campaign where he sold around 20,000 branded flamethrowers (branded as The Boring Company not a Flame thrower) each for $500 

    Elon Musk’s The Boring Company sells Flamethrower as merchandise

    The product is just a fancy looking roofing torch nicely packed into an airsoft gun that shoots fire till less than 10ft. More powerful flamethrowers are used as weapons of mass destruction during wars and operate on gasoline and produce much wider flame. The off-the-rack propane torches found in stores like Home Depot are used for barbecues, burning weeds and roofing work.

    The Boring Company Flamethrower product design for dummies

    But what use does Elon Musk’s flamethrower have? Well to be honest, Nothing. It went on sale for its cool factor and not one person who bought it had any idea of what to do with it. Having been Elon fan for life, I was way too happy to add it to my collections to even notice its exuberant pricing. But the Spring cleaning gave me a perfect opportunity and to put it to use and I thoroughly enjoyed rating its features and utility.

    The Boring Company Not-A-Flamethrower’s not a usual review:

    • Coolness rating: 5/5
    • Utility rating: 2/5
    • Safety rating: 3.5/5
    • Price rating: 1/5
    • Overall rating: 2.7/5

    How does it work? 

    Open the connection to the propane tank and get the gas going, now press the ignition switch and blast out a flame and use the gun’s trigger to control the intensity of your fire. Before you fire away make sure to read through the safety instructions and the manual.


    • Super cool collectible and sleek look – almost like a nerf gun
    • A roofing torch that can be used for lighting fire during camping, barbecuing and cleaning
    • No license required
    • Safe to use and comes with a detailed safety instructions and manual


    • Very small range
    • Runs out of propane very quickly and needs constant refueling
    • Can’t be used in public
    • Gets heavy for extended periods of use
    A Boring Company Flamethrower review

    Now that you know my weapon well, let the purge begin!

    Overly ambitious goal dresses

    Remember how we all lapped up size zero dresses when size zero was a thing! I neatly hung all of mine in the front row of the closet to serve as a motivating reminder for reaching the goal weight that will let me fit into those dresses. It’s been 8 years since and I am a lifetime away from that goal. While home workouts are great, with reduced outdoor activities my fitness routine has already taken a toll. The only way I can achieve size zero now will be to go back in time to my teens. I wonder when Elon Musk will get onto the time travel venture? Until then I chose to burn these dresses over burning calories!

    Expired Medicines

    My mother has a drawer full of all kinds of medicines – allopathic, homeopathy, natural, alternative. Name it and she’s got it. I don’t remember going to the doctor often as a kid. The moment I complained of any pain or sickness, my mother would be ready with a cure from her stash of medicines. As I left the nest to go to college and gradually work, she handed me a huge box of her trustworthy tinctures and tablets to take along. With every trip back home, I returned back with some more additions. But truth be told, I no longer fall sick that often and those medicines accumulated over time have all expired. I probably would get sick by just popping on them. The only medicine the world needs now is for COVID’19. Alas my mother’s box of cure does not have anything for it. So farewell my apothecary box!

    Friendship bands

    I diligently stored all the friendship bands I got on Friendship’s day during high school and beyond. If you lose a band then that bond is lost forever. And I protected my friendships like a rottweiler protects its owner. My stash of friendship bands had survived many such Spring cleaning sessions. But this time round they got a different treatment. What changed? Age makes you realize what beliefs and things are worth actually holding onto. Also stressful times like a global pandemic make you more aware of those who truly love and care for you and vice versa. You don’t need a band to respect them! So let those bands burn but keep those bonds alive!

    Broken Electronics

    A flip phone that no longer works, a Dell laptop with a broken screen, a set of floppies, a pen drive that refuses to connect and 20 other items lying in the corner of my storage closet waiting to be fixed since the 2000’s. Give it another 10 years and they can be honored as antiques and displayed in a tech museum. But today they are nothing but electronic junk that will no longer provide me with any hands-on engineering experience. They are almost analog in this highly evolving digital world. I will let you know how the chip looked after I fried it.

    Beauty products

    A trip to the grocery store is never complete if one does not end up impulsively buying the newest skin or hair product in the market or the fifteenth shade of red lipstick and some funky new nail paints. One simply does not go to the grocery store to get just greens! That is a social faux paus! But as much as I liked the idea of owning these products I hated coloring my nails on my own and preferred the salon pampering. Unfortunately these products weren’t made to last for a lifetime. So my shelves are filled with full bottles of dried up nail polishes, expired lip colors and makeup products. As I try to curb my impulsive buying habits in the future, for all my old collectibles – “We gonna let it burn burn burn burn”!

    My Spring 2020 purge lasted for an entire day and the Flamethrower’s heat protected me from getting bored and giving up. The instagram updates of my cleaning spree are still trending like hot fire while I relax in a clean house with toasted marshmallows and hot chocolate (cooked completely using the Flamethrower campfire burning up the thrash of my past!).

    And now my purge has ended!

    Are you up for some Flamethrower roasted marshmallows?