Got the Boring Company Flamethrower? Put it to work with these five (not a ) practical uses.

Let ’s start with the obvious : Elon Musk is an interesting man. He wants to alleviate Los Angeles’ traffic congestion by building tunnel networks below the city and using them to transport cars on high-speed electric sleds. He sent one of his own $100,000 cars into space, presumably for the same reason that you used to melt G.I. Joes as a kid — because he could. (We’re not buying the whole “experimental payload” line. Please. You wanted to shoot a car into space, and it’s fine. It’s your rocket.) In a way, Elon Musk is the tech equivalent of the previous century’s big-game hunters. He’s always on the hunt for the next big trophy, the one that stops people in their tracks, the one people say he ’s crazy to even attempt.

Some of his “exploits ” have no perceived value to anyone, but they make the rest of us want to get out there and do something equally daring. Or maybe fifty percent as daring. Because we don’t have anything like his bail money . On Saturday, January 27, 2018, Musk opened a pre-sale for what must surely have been an idea scribbled on a bar napkin: flamethrowers. And all the brosephs rejoiced. The flamethrower is being marketed by Musk ’s new side hustle, an outfit called The Boring Company. Despite being priced at $500 (or maybe because of it), it only took five days for the first run of flamethrowers to be claimed by mayhem-makers around the globe. These would-be Rambos may have to wait a while to get their new toys, however. Certain countries customs agencies have stated their objections to shipping anything labeled “ flamethrower . ” Apparently, some customs agencies are saying they won ’t allow shipment of anything called a “ Flamethrower”. To solve this, Musk rebranded it “ Not a Flamethrower” . So Musk floated a few name changes out on his Twitter, like “ Not a Flamethrower” and “ Temperature Enhancement Device. ” And all the brosephs retweeted . California Assembly man Miguel Santiago intervened on this bro-fest in classic vice principal fashion, announcing his intention to introduce legislation to ban sales of the flamethrower in the state of California. In response, Musk posted a faux-PSA on Instagram, showing himself running while lighting the flamethrower. The caption reads: “Don’t do this. Also, I want to be clear that a flamethrower is a super terrible idea. Definitely don ’t buy one . Unless you like fun. ”

Elon Musk Releases ‘Not-a-FlameThrower’

It’s a handheld gun that shoots fire. So maybe it ’s not a real flamethrower by the strictest definition. So maybe it doesn’t shoot as far as other ones. There are still lots of ways to put the Boring Company’s flamethrower to good, even practical use. And we’ve highlighted our top five. (And no, we don’t mean roasting nuts. That was a dumb joke, Elon. Stick to your strengths.)

1. Home Security : Picture a burglar breaking into your house. Now picture yourself coming at that burglar from the top of the stairs, swinging a flaming rifle. It’s enough to scare any criminal straight. Even if you should hurt yourself in the effort (as is entirely likely with such reckless use of the flamethrower), no intruder wants to f * * * with the guy writhing on the floor wrapped in flames. Not unless he’s as crazy as you are.

2. De-icing a Driveway : Salt ruins your wheel wells. Sand is a pain to clean up. Wouldn ’t it be ideal if your driveway was just dry? Pop in your earbuds, put on some death metal, and go to town on that slab of concrete. That new “ dad/husband/brother of the year” coffee mug is practically yours.

3. In the Kitchen : Whether you’re finishing off a vat of creme brûlée or adding some nice singe marks to an entire roasted pig, the flamethrower will give you Costco-level value for your time and effort. Love that smoked flavor effect in your cocktail? Treat the entire neighborhood by felling a tree, surrounding it with highball glasses filled with whiskey, then unleashing the flame and quickly tenting it with a heavy-duty tarp. Give it about sixty seconds for the flavor to infuse, then finish with bitters and a twist. Be sure to save a couple for the firefighters when they show up. Or you could just go on a flamethrower diet – only eat food cooked on the fire of the flamethrower.

4. Clearing Unwanted Foliage : Honestly, this is probably why Assemblyman Santiago took such issue with the Boring Company’s flamethrower promotion. In the wake of the gnarliest wildfire season ever, a 6-foot jet of flame is the last thing a California homeowner needs for lawn care. But for those in more wet climates, the flamethrower can make quick work out of Bermuda grass, kudzu vine, and that backyard vegetable garden that you sort of forgot about. Plus, it ’s a well-known fact that soil pH, carbon, and nutrient levels increase after burning. So you’re not just saving time, you’re actually improving your yard. (Memorize that for when the homeowner’s association guy comes by.)

5. Getting Attention : This may well have been the inspiration for the flamethrower sale in the first place. The Boring Company’s first venture was selling ball caps. Some speculate the flamethrower thing is just a way flashier ball cap, i.e., a stunt designed to raise visibility around Musk’s dim Company. Because, you know, even Elon Musk is afraid of being forgotten about. Point is, the whole point of a domestic flamethrower is to draw attention. We suggest undertaking any (or all) of the previous four uses on behalf of someone you ’ve been working up the courage to talk to. De-ice their driveway . Clear their front garden out for spring planting. Think of it as a John Cusack holding the boombox over his head type of move, but way more practical. If they don’t appreciate it, they don’t deserve you.

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